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    If you have landed in; or are planning to visit, Paris you must participate in culinary tourism. Our vast culture is well explained in our various diets. The best way to learn about Paris diets is to take a wine tasting course (more information here). At lefoodist we guarantee an extraordinary experience with our fun, active and informative wine tasting courses.

    The wine tasting class helps you learn how to identify different kinds of wines using your sensory organs. The taste, look, feel and smell of wines is unique for each type of wine. The biggest challenge in identifying the type of wine is through taste. Our professional instructors will help you stimulate the different taste regions of your tongue. After determining the various sensitive areas of the tongue, will help you use these regions to identify precisely wine through taste. Wine tasting is an art we help you master without looking at the label of the bottle.

    Wine and cheese pairing is an intriguing part of the wine tasting tours in Paris. In this package, we introduce the five best cheese families and pair them with the matching wines. We teach both the classic and the modern pairing. You will learn about the origin of each of the wine and cheese pairing. We wrap up our classes by showing our participants the right way of sabering a bottle of champagne after which we share a glass of champagne.

    Our wine tasting classes are small and manageable. We have participants from diverse regions and sharing stories is part of the learning process. In the course of the lesson, each participant gets to participate in a blind wine tasting. If you want to take a wine tasting course, book early enough because the tickets sell out quickly. On top of the fantastic wine tasting experience at lefoodist we give you a culinary booklet.